Reasons to pay with Trisbee.
It’s free. Forever.
Yes, that’s right. You can pay completely without any fees. No shady tactics here. Your money is yours and always will be.
It’s safe. Naturally.
It’s completely contactless. No PIN pad touching needed. You can even pay from home before collecting your order.
It’s fast. Always.
No matter the time of your purchase, you can make your payments instantly to your local merchant, to your family or to your friends.
How it works.
Create an account
Scan the QR code
or search for a merchant
Confirm and enjoy your day!
Pay with Trisbee and support your local merchant.
Ever wondered why small merchants don't accept cards? Well, for every card payment, the merchant is charged a fee.

So for example, if you pay €10, the merchant will only get €9 (depending on the commission). That’s €50 lost if you have 50 customer a day!

This is why we're 100% free for small merchants.