Our mission
Trisbee’s mission is to create a European wide cashless payments solution. Many small merchants, charities and event organizers currently lack adequate cashless options. Trisbee wants to become the alternative to cash payments.
Our vision
Make it easier for people to start a business.
The story
Bureaucracy is not given. Today, anyone should be able to do business with what we already have: a smartphone.
Small businesses, tradesmen or friends should be able to have a simple way to pay each other in just a few clicks.
That's why longtime friends Frantisek Havlin and Matej Turek created Trisbee in 2018. An application that enables small merchants and individuals to receive payments without any paperwork, hardware or complex contracts. All that is needed is a mobile phone.
Trisbee is a fintech startup based in Prague, in Czech Republic, backed by Startup Wise Gyus program. In February 2020, we raised more than €250K through a crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs.
Trisbee is regulated by the Czech National Bank and the Office for Personal Data Protection.