1. Scan the Trisbee QR code after your purchase. You will be redirected to our web interface and you can type in the amount you want to pay.
  2. When selecting payment methods you can choose from Apple pay, Google pay, a regular card payment (with typing in your card details), or your Trisbee account balance (top it up first, you can get 10 % cashback on your purchase).
  3. Confirm it and it’s done!

We all want to support our local businesses, don’t we? We thought so. Did you know that businesses need to pay fees from card payments made through POSs? It can be lousy 2 %, but for small local businesses these present excessive and unnecessary costs.

That’s why Trisbee is FREE for every small businesses.

The only difference for you as a paying customer is that instead of putting your card or phone to a POS device you scan the payment QR code.

Of course. If you use an Android phone, save your card details to Google pay (pay.google.com) and you can pay with only one tap. If you are using multiple browsers just make sure that Google pay is set up in each browser.
And for Apple users we have the classic option to pay with your Apple pay. At this time it works only in Safari browser, no other browser unfortunately allows it at this time for iPhone.
There’s a decent chance your billing address is not filled properly in your Apple pay settings. Just navigate to Settings -> Wallet and Apple pay and fill in your address.
You don't need a app! Just scan payment QR code of merchant in store and select Google Pay/Apple Pay or card. No need for any app.
If you pay often and you want to top-up you Trisbee account balance to get 10 % cashback we recommend downloading our app. You can get it for both Android and iPhone.
Yes. Safety is our middle name. Each transaction needs to be confirmed by a fingerprint, FaceID or PIN.
Keep calm and contact us, we will deal with it.