What is Trisbeelove / up to 10% back and how does it work?
On every payment you make, you'll get up to 10% back for your next purchases via Trisbee. The money will be added to your Trisbee account on the 5th day of the following month. If you pay CZK 350 at a café, you will receive up to CZK 35. If you spend 1 500 CZK on a massage, you'll get up to 150 CZK back. There are limits though – the maximum cashback you can get on each payment is CZK 300. You can find the general terms and conditions on cashback here.
How do I pay?
  1. Fund your Trisbee account
  2. Scan the merchant's QR code
  3. Type the amount and send the payment
If the payment was successful, your screen turns green, the merchant will immediately receive an SMS payment verification.

Trisbee Pay acts as a virtual wallet, where you can keep as much money as you wish. Once you have money in there, you just scan the Trisbee merchant´s QR code, enter the purchase amount and that's about it. You'll instantly receive a payment confirmation.

You can also pay remotely – just look up the merchant in the web app and continue as mentioned above.

It takes just a minute toget set up and you only need to provide your phone number, name and email address.

Trisbee is a web app so there is no need to install it on your phone. You simply pay through any web browser from your (or anybody else's) phone or desktop.
Why is Trisbee pay better than cards?
We all want to support local businesses, right? Right! Did you know that merchants are charged a transaction fee every time you pay with a card? It might be only 1-2%, but for small business owners that represents a significant amount of money!

For small business owners Trisbee is completely free!

And let's not forget that as a customer you get 10% cashback on every payment you do through Trisbee! How cool is that? 🤑
How do I top up my account?
  • Go to My account and choose Add money.
  • Select/input the amount you would like to top-up.
  • Go to your bank account and make the transfer. Don't forget to add a Note and Reference number. You can also send the details with a QR code to your email and scan the QR code with your mobile banking app.
  • If your bank offers an Instant payment, your top-up should be reflected instantly. Otherwise it can take up to 24 hours, with SEPA payments up to 48 hours.
Is it really free?
YES. Give us one good reason why it shouldn't be. :)
How do I get Trisbee pay?
That's easy! Just scan the merchant's QR code and follow the instructions. You can also go directly to the web app. And check it out right now.
Can I pay in a different currency than the one I chose during setup?
Yes. Right now you can pay in EUR or CZK. You can switch between these currencies as you please, simply go to the Settings. Just make sure that your account is topped up in the selected currency.
How safe is Trisbee?
In the best way possible. Money is no joke to us.

The application is password-protected – any time you want to use it, you have to enter your PIN.

We are registered with the Office for Personal Data Protection and as a payment services provider we are subject to CNB supervision. Simply put, we would have to assign you a bodyguard to beat that level of security. You can also check out our policy.
What if I send the wrong amount to the merchant?
No biggie! Just let us know and we will take care of it.