Are there any benefits for my customer when paying with Trisbee?
Many. The most appealing is that they get up to 10% back on each payment. It will be added to their Trisbee account the following month and – no worries – it comes from our pocket, not yours. We bet that this will give your customers another reason to come back.
Is the 10% back benefit for customers permanent or is it just a one-off promotion?
It's one of the benefits of Trisbee Premium. However, as a new merchant you have access to the premium version of Trisbee for the first 3 months for free. After this trial period you can decide if you wish to continue with Trisbee Premium or you are just fine with the free version.
How come Trisbee is free?
We have two plans:
  • FREE – for small businesses with monthly turnover (only via Trisbee) up to 5,000€ is Trisbee completely FREE. No transaction fees, no monthly fees, simply put – no fees.
  • PREMIUM – for businesses with monthly turnover higher than 5,000€, there is a subscription fee of €19/month (or €199/year). Premium offers extra features taking your business to the next level.
We're committed to helping small businesses grow, that's why we believe that they should not pay for offering their customers cashless payments. But once they succeed, we have no problem with asking them to pay for our services.

We’re trying to be as transparent as possible – check out our price list here and see all the benefits.
When can I expect my money in my bank account?
The next working day! At Trisbee we understand the importance of cash flow and we’ll never let you high and dry.
How do I accept payments from my customers?
  1. First, a customer scans your merchant's QR code (we will send it to you once you are onboarded).
  2. They are redirected to the Trisbee web app (that's right, no need to download it).
  3. They enter the amount and voilà – money is coming your way.
  4. You immediately receive an SMS payment confirmation, while your customer's screen turns green (or red if the payment wasn't successful).
    What if I reach the monthly turnover limit for the free version?
    We will notify you before it happens.
    Once you reach the limit, you'll be asked to pay a subscription fee of €19/month – just for that particular month. After that, you will get access to features such as Merchant dashboard, Cashflow advance and a 10% cashback to your customers on each transaction up to 100€.If you don’t reach the turnover limit the following month, you will be switched back to the free version, however, you'll lose access to all premium features. Or if you want, you can continue with the Premium plan and benefit from all the features. It's really up to you, you are the boss here.
    What should I do to become a Trisbee merchant?
    Becoming a Trisbee merchant is faster than ordering dinner at a drive-thru! And you can even do it from your phone.

    All you have to do is fill our onboarding form and submit all the required documents:
    • 2 valid IDs: One of them must contain a photo (e.g. National ID card or Passport), the second one can be a Driver´s licence or Health Insurance card etc.
    • A bank account ownership confirmation (e.g. a copy of a bank statement)
    To verify the ownership of the bank account, you will need to send us 0.1 EUR from the registered bank account.
    How long does it take to become a Trisbee merchant?
    The whole process shouldn't take more than 48h from the moment you submit all the documents and make the identification transaction.

    However, if you need to start accepting payments the same day, we can make that happen too! Just let us know.
    I’m self-employed, can I use Trisbee?
    Can I receive payments in other currencies than mine?
    Currently, Trisbee supports EUR and CZK payments.
    Can I use Trisbee on multiple devices or for more branches?
    You bet you can!
    The app allows you to manage multiple branches as long as they are all registered with the main phone number. You can also use multiple phone devices to receive payments at each branch. All you have to do is contact us.
    What if I choose to terminate the service and/or cancel my subscription?
    If you don't want to continue benefiting from the Premium features such as Merchant dashboard, Cashflow advance and cashbacks for your customers, you can switch back to the free version anytime (as long as your monthly turnover via Trisbee doesn't exceed 5,000€). If you don't want to use Trisbee at all, well, that's a pity :( However, we won't stand in your way. Just stop using the app and let us know so we can remove your business from the app. No need to mention that there is no cancellation fee.
    What if the customer sends me the wrong amount?
    No biggie! One of you should contact us and we'll take care of it.
    What if I am a small business owner and I still want PREMIUM features?
    You can have all the features from the PREMIUM plan even if your monthly turnover is less than 5,000€. Those features, such as Cashback for your customers, Detailed dashboard or Cashflow will give you a clear picture of how your business is doing and help your business grow. Just let us know and we will make things happen.

    As a new merchant you will get 3 months of Trisbee Premium for free.