Your customer: “Can I pay with a card?”
You: “Sure, scan the QR code.”
Your customer will be asked to input the amount they want to pay you and choose the payment option. They can choose from a regular card payment or Google pay/Apple pay as the fastest payment method.

That means you do not need any electronic POS device for accepting payments, just your Trisbee
payment QR code that you get when you register.

Yes! In case you go over €5000 turnover monthly, you will be upgraded to Trisbee Premium for only €20 a month. And that is only for the months of when you reach this turnover. This is perfect for seasonal businesses! You never pay any transaction fees.
Yes! Keep your Trisbee QR with you and show it to your customer anytime they want to pay with their card.
Just navigate through our online registration form. It won’t take you more than 10 minutes.
You will need 2 IDs and your bank account statement (you can erase any transactions if you feel like it, we just need to verify that the bank account belongs to you).
In 24 hours if your customer pays from their Trisbee app balance. In the case of a regular card payment (or Google/Appple pay) it won’t take more than 3 days.
It’s the fastest payment method possible. These options are always available for your customers.
You get a text message on your phone immediately after each transaction. You can also track all your transactions in your online Trisbee business profile - 24/7.
Yes, even in your text messages, Facebook, WhatsApp or e-mail. Trisbee is not just only about scanning QR codes, but it also serves as a paylink. This link can include the amount to be paid and referral number. Just send it to anyone who you expect the payment from. Your customer will be redirected to the card payment.
We can do it for you after we get confirmation from all parties. Just call us or send us an e-mail.
In 99,9 % of all cases it is because their Apple pay billing address in their Apple pay setting is blank. Just tell them to fill it and then they can proceed with the payment.